Personal Coaching

Tour Focus has a collaboration of independent coaches inside the program. In Spain is located the Tour Focus director and short (putting) game coach, mental coach and health and fitness advisor and PGA qualified professional Pieter Losecaat Vermeer.
Tour Focus works furthermore together with other specialised attached coaches and professionals.

Tom O'Mahoney, working from the Netherlands as swing consultant for those players in need for permanent inprovement of their long game. Tom also advises on entry of candidate students in relation to their overall game capacity. Tom has been for decades the national coach of the Netherlands and has, and had, many students "on tour" like Robert-Jan Derksen, Maarten Lafeber and many others.

Jurrian van der Vaart, also a student of Tom, is a current PGA Tour player and winner and helps Tour Focus students through his own experiences. He is well known for his excellent short game and his mental approach to the game.

Brian Schutz is one of the personal coaches of a Tour Focus student and has joined his pupil several times at Hacienda during a Tour Focus training. He is an active and enthousiast coach when his students are preparing and training "back" home.

Leander van der Vaart, the brother of Jurrian and a former Dutch National Tennis player, has specialized in golf and fitness. He is supporting his brother on tour and has joined the Tour Focus program with his expert knowledge. He lives and workes in the Netherlands in the Amsterdam region.
Next to these coaches Tour Focus will invite other occasional coaches for spelialised sessions with its students. This on its location base at Hacienda del Álamo or at other locations in Europe.

"We do not over-coach. We do not change someone's swing to become a model swing, We want our students to become best within their own swing"